Thursday, October 2, 2008


The weather is chilling up and that means turning on the oven is no longer going to turn my apartment into an inferno. Turning on the oven means roasting veggies!

I love roasted vegetables and as soon as the temperature dropped I pulled out everything roastable I had on hand and did it up.
This is a half an acorn squash (roasted) stuffed with roasted fresh cauliflower and potatoes.

I split the squash, scrapped out the seeds and gave it a quick, light coat of olive oil then put it cut side up into a baking dish with a little water (to keep the skins from burning) and popped it into a 400° oven.

The squash takes a bit longer to cook so while that was getting a head start in the oven I washed and chopped a head of cauliflower and about 4 medium sized potatoes. Put all the veggies into a big bowl and tossed them with olive oil, one clove of sliced garlic and a healthy sprinkle of powdered rosemary. Then spread them all out evenly on a baking sheet or a shallow baking dish give them about 20 minutes then turn everything and let them go for another 20 minutes or so until they start showing some nice browning.

The squash takes about an hour to cook through (depending on the size). Then put everything on a plate and feel that yummy comfort of autumn cooking settle in. Deeee-lish!

Leftovers the next day for sure and they heat up very quickly. I added some oompf to the leftovers by toasting some pine nuts and sprinkling those on top. And the squash got a chopped up apple added while it was reheating. A really nice addition!


Kelly said...

I just actually posted an acorn squash recipe on my blog. Although the store was out of green and only had white (seemed the only diff was that they werent as tender).
P.S. I have your blog on my RSS feed. Its one of my favorites.

Kelly said...

Oooh apples, sounds amazing for fall.
(I know I know, I used butter and syrup and brown sugar. But it was warm and comforting) However Im defiantly rethinking it with your apple suggestion. Wow! (Also, thanks for reading the first blog and commenting on both. It was sweet.) I really do love your blog and have been reading it all summer, so like a total nerd, I got all flustery when I saw you commented on mine, like you're a celebrity. HA!

Salty Miss Jill said...

yum! I am going to try this with hubbard squash and report back.