Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chili Cornmeal-Crusted Tofu

If you aren't a tofu fan, this could be the dish that changes your mind.

It's from the amazing Veganomicon.

You have to do a little battering and frying - but much as I don't care to fry things I tried this. I have to say it is not like the kind of frying I anticipated. You only use a very tiny amount of oil - the slices of tofu are really thin so they don't need much - and they are cooked in just a few minutes.
left to right: pressed tofu, soy milk with cornstarch, cornmeal-chili mix

I wanted to present it all fancy-like... 'cause that was my mood last night. So I started with thin slices of baked sweet potato and a molded pile of garlic and olive oil sauteed spinach. It's easy to mold. I just put it into a quarter-cup sized measuring cup and then popped it out on top of the potato slices.I sprinkled on some pine nuts - because I forgot to mix them into the spinach while I sauteed it! Ooops!
Then a sprinkle of roasted corn kernels (thank you Trader Joe's frozen veggies section!)

Finally, because I love it, I topped the whole thing off with some raw cranberry relish. Lots of colors, lots of flavors, who says they don't love tofu?

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