Tuesday, October 2, 2007

more gobo fun

Living a block away from Gobo is dangerous. I want to eat there all the time! I try to mix it up... but given the opportunity I would eat at Gobo every day. These are two dishes I have not published photos of - other dishes we had have already been discussed here.

I'm so in love with the seitan dishes here that I would probably have never veered away from them. Luckily I didn't have to make the choice as my friend ordered this panini and I got to try it. yes... the bite mark is from me.

Oh man, this is one tasty sandwich. It's brimming with yummy mushrooms and seasoned so beautifully I could have eaten the whole thing. But then I would have had to share my seitan. *sigh* I couldn't let that happen.

truffled wild mushroom panini with onion fonduta

This is the apple & pear crisp. Um... usually there is an identifiable scoop of soy ice cream on top. Sadly we dove into this temptation before I remembered to snap a photo. This is the first time I've ordered this dessert that I've gotten any sort of photo of it - so I guess that's a good sign. Maybe next time I will be able to stop drooling long enough to remember to take a quick shot before devouring it.

If you go to Gobo and you're stuffed after the great meal, I recommend you split this dessert with your dining companion. It looks like a tiny little serving, but in reality it is quite a lot and quite filling so splitting it is more than enough for even the biggest sweet tooth.

apple & pear crisp with (some) soy vanilla ice cream

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The Little Vegan said...

You live a block from Gobo?!?! That would be my DREAM! I am seriously IN LOVE with their sesame ginger seitan and kale!!!