Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Boiled Peanuts

I'm an East Coast Northerner. I have eaten peanuts my entire life, roasted, as peanut butter, as peanut sauce in various cuisines, as a perfect addition to chocolate but I have never eaten boiled peanuts. Until now.

I have heard of boiled peanuts, but until trying them for myself I had no idea how unbelieveably addictive they could be. Oh man, oh man these are delish!
They are heavily salted, and the boiling makes them very soft. You simply peel the softened shells open and eat the peas.

According to the bag my friend brought me on his recent visit, these boiled goobers are "country caviar". Not only country caviar, but totally vegan caviar as well!

It's hard to describe the flavor. They don't really taste peanutty, but there is a familiar legume/nut taste and there is almost a boiled potato mouth feel.

I'm told these are available all over the southern states, for us northern folk it's a rarity. If you have any friends in the south, or if you travel below the Mason-Dixon line - look for these tasty treats. But I cannot be responsible if you become addicted!

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