Saturday, August 4, 2007

Frozen or Fresh: YOU decide!

Cooking from scratch has become something I love. While I've always loved baking from scratch, making 'food' rather than desserts has always been more challenging for me. Though I do admit that was primarily due to the fact that I never quite knew what to do with meat products. They scared me. Being vegan has wiped away all those fears.

However this is not to say I'm above the use of conveniently pre-packaged, heat and serve foods. In fact frozen vegetables are easily my favorite things. If you have some frozen veggies on hand you can do amazing things. Best part: they don't go bad waiting for you to decide what to do with them!

The other day I found a new frozen dish that was waving, jumping up and down in a VERY insistent manner and screaming my name from the frozen food section at my favorite food Mecca, Trader Joe's.

Though I enjoy throwing together my own creations, they seem to all be variations on a theme. A whole lotta stuff in one pot. So when I saw this ready to go dish, I had to try it.

There are 8 pre-made 'bird's nests' in a package for something like $2.59, and they come with a dipping sauce that is so good I want a recipe!

a look inside the box

It takes about 20 minutes in an oven - it's a thousand degrees here so I used the toaster oven for this. They come out like this.

So yummy I was in heaven. You can deep-fry them also, but they already have enough oil for me so the oven was the way to go. I had convinced myself I'd save these to use as 'impress the company' fare if anyone came over - but let's face it: these bad boys are too good to leave frozen.

My one regret is having only bought one box. Note to self: stock up!!

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