Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fast Falafel Salad

Falafel is one of the best things you can make out of chickpeas. Hummus is a close second. Trouble with making falafel at home, for me, is the frying. I just don't enjoy frying so much. So I haven't made it at home in decades.

The other day I spotted frozen falafel in the health food store and decided to give 'em a shot.

They are pre-cooked and can be eaten after defrosting, or you can heat them up for 5 minutes in a toaster oven. I did the latter. While they were heating, I mixed together a bit of tahini, some water and lemon juice with a shake of garlic/spice powder to make a dressing. Threw some salad on a plate with a few sliced baby roma tomatoes, tore up half an Ezekiel 4:9 burger bun and voila! Ten minute falafel salad.

Fast, easy and yummy. What else do you need?


Florecita said...

the only thing I need is my big mouth... yummmy I love falafel!!!!

Mihl said...

I love falafel too! I also don't enjoy frying that much. Have you ever tried to make your falafel with soaked but not cooked chickpeas? I made the experience that they never fall apart that way and not much oil is needed to fry them.

Joy said...

Florecita - I agree!!

Mihl - I have not tried that, but it sounds like a plan! Next time I'm making them myself I'll give your method a shot! Thanks!

Sulis said...

Great work.