Monday, August 20, 2007

Dinner at Gobo

Friday night I had dinner at Gobo with my friend Lori.
She is not a vegan but is extremely vegan friendly, and thus very willing to try new and tasty vegan treats. She's also very, very funny. As you can see, she had me cracking up.Because we both like to toss back a few shots of the hard stuff at Gobo we started out strong... 2 oz. shots of wheat grass, and keep 'em coming barkeep! Yeah. Well, a shot is a shot, right? And this little cup of liquid lawn is yummy and good for you!
Along with the wheat grass is the fabulous Gobo bread: cranberry on the left, 7 grain on the right. The bread is served with an amazing sweet potato spread (there are raisins in it!) that would make even a butter lover swoon.

We split an order of scallion pancakes with homemade mango salsa as an appetizer because... c'mon. You know why. Because they are delectable! That gorgeous mango salsa on top is a perfect complement of sweet and sharp to the slices of potato scallion heaven beneath it.

Lori ordered the sesame protein braised in sweet & sour sauce. I tasted one of the crispy little apple balls in the sauce and next time I go, I'm ordering this dish!

I had the natural seitan medallion in sizzling spicy citrus sauce (try saying that five times fast!)

Eating at Gobo has very quickly become an addiction for me - I can't get enough of their seitan nor their amazingly delicious coffee. Yes, the coffee.

It's an organic Brazilian coffee made in a French press and I swear it is the best coffee I have had any where. And trust me, I love my coffee. They also have the most amazing desserts, though we were both too full this time to have any. I do recommend both the multi-layered chocolate cake dusted with green tea and the crazy delicious apple & pear crisp served with soy vanilla ice cream. I wish I had photos to show you, but when I've had these desserts in the past I haven't had my camera with me! Silly Joy!

The meals here are so filling that a take-home bag is usually necessary and this time was no exception. I was happy to have left-overs of this seitan dish and I gussied it up by steaming some fresh kale and throwing the seitan and veggies over it. Seitan and kale? A marriage made in heaven!


Dan said...

I've been a vegan for six years and I LOVE it. I'm much healthier and my appreciation of food has skyrocketed.

This food looks delicious. My wife has eaten at Gobo (which I believe is near where she works) but I have yet to have that pleasure!

(Saw you on Gary's blob.)

Junk Thief said...

These all look great. Even though vegan seems to be more commonly associated with California, I think New Yorkers have a different verve, and I always enjoy trying it out when I am there. I'll make sure I reread your blog for my next trip to mark my map!

one and only hypnos said...

Oh my God... I am getting hungry just by looking at these pictures. Looks tasty!

Joy said...

I can't recommend this place highly enough. My pictures do NOT do the food justice. If you're in town, or the neighborhood, you must try it!