Sunday, July 1, 2007

Put Away the Cupcakes - it's Ice Cream Time

Vegan Ice "Cream" of course.

Today's foray into the frozen fun is "Butter" Pecan. The recipe is from A Vegan Ice Cream Paradise and it's a keeper!

Want to see it happen? Good, because I want to show you!

It's not so much to look at here. This is the blending of the sugar, 'milks' (I used almond milk instead of soy milk just for the extra nuttiness), and the fabulously yummy Earth Balance margarine.
When everything is blended together you cool it and then it goes into the ice cream machine to 'become' ice cream.

In the meantime I toasted my pecans. The ones I had were raw, and toasting always releases more flavor. I had the time, let's face it, ice cream is not an instant dessert, so why not toast up those pecans? It's really simple to throw them into a non-stick pan for a couple of minutes. Just keep them moving around so they don't burn and when you smell the nuttiness, you know they're calling uncle. Take them off the heat and spread them on a plate to cool. I toyed with the idea of making them into pralines, because how decadent would that be? But since this was my first attempt at Butter Pecan I opted to go with the basics.
Here's the cooling pecans next to the ice cream machine which is diligently turning that liquid into ice cream.Most of the finished product went into a plastic container and into the freezer. Sadly there was a little left that just wouldn't fit. So I had to eat it right away. Awful, huh? I 'forced' my dog to help me with this nasty task. He kept a stiff upper lip and did his best (there wasn't a drop left between us). This is seriously the best butter pecan I've ever tasted. And it doesn't have a drop of butter in it! Isn't that amazing?
I like a LOT of stuff in my ice cream - let's just say if I'm eating plain vanilla there had better be a big ol' brownie underneath it - and since you can't really stuff the ice cream machine with a lot of add-ins, I compensate with an extra nutty garnish of whole pecans.If you're a Vegan (or lactose intolerant!) I really recommend getting your own ice-cream machine. It is so insanely simple to make your own - you can make the flavors you want (invent new ones!) and it's cheaper than buying it. Of course the downside is that you can have ice cream handy any time. Oh. Is that a really a downside? Make some ice cream!! (And your dog will love you for it!)

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