Saturday, July 7, 2007


People have asked me: what does a Vegan eat for breakfast?

I'm not the ideal person to ask, because I've been known to have salad in the morning and pancakes for dinner. I'm not locked-in to the meal-types. I love cold cereals but I don't eat them often because I tend to want to eat the entire package. Not a smart move.

But I recently picked up a big tub of Soy yogurt and some muesli and have found a really simple almost dessert-like breakfast that doesn't make me want to swallow every last ounce of cereal.

I like mixing textures, creamy and crunchy are well-represented here by the yogurt and muesli and then a handful of blueberries puts it over the top.

If you stir it all together it turns a into a purple explosion!

How's that for a "starving" Vegan?

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