Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Nice Salad

I would bet that the majority of people hear Vegan and think: salad. Naturally. It's not the only thing to eat, but it is easy and quick. When it's boiling hot outside it's also light enough that you won't feel heavy and sleepy afterwards.

This one is a little too simple.

It's just half a bag of prewashed salad - because washing lettuce is my least favorite thing to do in the kitchen
1/2 c of frozen roasted corn kernels (run some cool water over them to defrost them - you want them to be cool)
1 small avocado cubed
a handful of roasted almonds

I don't care much for bottled dressings. I tend to buy them, use them once and then end up throwing out the bottle a year later. So I whipped up my own dressing using an envelope of Seven Seas Garlic & Herb as the starter. Since I only wanted enough for one or two salads I did not follow the directions on the packet. I just 'eyeballed' some flax seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, water and white balsamic vinegar with a few sprinkles of the dressing mix. Quick and no waste!

Who doesn't like a fresh, pretty, EASY salad?

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