Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Didn't Cook It

I met my friend Maria for lunch today to celebrate her (belated) birthday. Because she is thoughtful, and has a vegetarian sensibility, she chose Quantum Leap. I was very excited because I've never eaten there but have heard some great things about it. One thing I really wanted to try was the Sweet Yam Tempura. Yes. Yes. Yes. Crispy coating, not greasy, with hot, sweet, succulent yams inside. Did I say "Yes"? Yes!
We also had the guacamole. It's not Rosa Mexicano's awesome guac, but it's darned good with a bit of tomato and nice thick tortilla chips.
I was so busy running my big mouth that I forgot to take pictures until we were already digging in!
The Seitan satay in peanut sauce was my favorite. It's quite spicy (just the way I like it) and the texture of the seitan is perfect, tender but with a little chewiness. The slices of tomato and cucumber were very welcome to cool some of the heat of the peanut sauce.

We also split a slice of chocolate tofu pie which I completely forgot to photograph. It was extremely RICH and creamy. The crust was made of oatmeal so it had a nice, nearly crunchy texture. If you go and it's available: save room - you'll want to order this! The service is really unobtrusive, yet friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. I can't wait to go back and try some of the other menu items - most of them are Vegan and they ALL sound terrific (but how many can you have at one meal?) So a trip back is definitely required.

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