Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Baking Soda Biscuits

When the summer weather finally kicks in, and it's hitting the nineties, what do I like to do?

Turn the oven up to 450° and start baking!

Yeah, well. That's pretty much how I am.

These Baking Soda Biscuits are from La Dolce Vegan and though I was hesitant to include the oregano I did it because I'm all about the rules. Uh. No. Not so much. But I was curious to see how they would come out. My opinion? Oregano = good biscuits! I think other herbs would actually be even better, but that's for next time. My only complaint about La Dolce Vegan is that there aren't any food pictures. But I guess that's what blogs are for!

Sarah Kramer, La Dolce Vegan's author. Suggests making a fancier biscuit by dividing up the dough into three balls and smooshing them into the muffin tins. Naturally I did it. Had to try, at least on a few.
I did some plain, some in the clover-leaf, some with black sesame seeds (because I was out of the poppy seeds the recipe asked for) and some without.
And look how pretty they are!
Closer... Closer...

Now split one open and throw on a little Earth Balance vegan margarine (which I swear on a stack of VCTOTW cookbooks tastes more like real butter than real butter does!) And you have yourself a quick and fabulous baking soda biscuit to eat alone or with soup or with anything you like!
The whole process takes maybe 30 minutes, and that's on the first-time. Things always go faster after you've done it once. So what if it's 90° out there? If you can't take the heat, get out of the vegan's kitchen!

Oh man... the heat's getting to me.

But I have biscuits!

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